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The Food Relief Vault (or FRV) is the future in emergency food response systems offering cost-effective, safer, faster, and more consistent platform to deliver food following a disaster or humanitarian crisis.


These strategic food reserve systems are self-contained, rapidly deployed, highly nutritious, optimized for current humanitarian efforts, and supported by active disaster preparedness organizations and those whose responsibility it is to respond in the aftermath of disasters with comprehensive solutions in the most time and cost-efficient manner possible.


The Global Food Exchange™ starts by purchasing highly nutritious, freeze-dried and dehydrated meals at extremely low price points during normal manufacturing periods. We then pre-package the meals, drinks, and all equipment needed to serve them (such as cooking equipment, serving supplies, water purification systems, portable shelter, tables, lighting, etc.) into standardized shipping containers and store them in strategically located global facilities near disaster-prone areas.


In the event of a disaster, these containers (Food Relief Vaults) can be immediately deployed and set up for immediate food relief. Since the containers are fully self-sufficient and don’t rely on electricity or external fuel sources, they are ideal in ground zero relief efforts.


Intelligently Designed With The World In Mind

The key to efficient disaster relief is highly trained personnel, quality supplies, and proven processes. Each of our Vaults are pre-staged for rapid and optimum deployment, and come designed for minimal interruptions to base camp operations.


A Food Relief Vault Deployment Manual includes checklists and inventory control sheets to help maintain proper control of high-value contents. This allows on-site response personnel to quickly familiarize themselves with all of the meals, equipment, and recommended actions needed to utilize the vault efficiently.


We standardized the Food Relief Vaults so the responders can benefit from consistent and quick deployment protocols. This maximizes the disaster relief efforts and allows for greater attention on the people being served. We keep digital copies of the deployment manual for easy distribution to key personnel. The Food Relief Vault is designed to enhance today’s best disaster relief efforts.


High Nutrition. By Design.

Our meals are formulated from the ground up and exceed recommended daily allowances so they can be used indefinitely. Since they’re designed to complement local diets whenever possible, they’re the perfect choice for high-stress disaster relief anywhere in the world as local acceptance is critical.

Better Technology for Rapid Deployment

Our food preservation technology utilizes freeze-dried and dehydrated premixed meals prepared in advance and packaged in air-tight Mylar pouches ready to be mixed with water and served. Each shipping container can deliver between 88,000 – 120,000 lbs. of highly nutritious food, with all the equipment needed to prepare and serve.


Once the Food Relief Vault is delivered and deployed, food is then hydrated and served within minutes after setup. All meals are extremely simple to prepare (just add water) with clear, graphic-based instructions printed on each package (English not required). In most cases, preparation time is 10-12 minutes with the longest prep time being 20 minutes (Red Beans and Rice). All cooking equipment (pots, measuring cups, spoons, stoves, fuel, tables, cups, plates, sporks, etc.) needed to prepare and serve are included.


Higher Safety. Lower Risk.

Microorganisms need water in foods to propagate, drying renders food and ingredients safe from bacteria, yeast, mold, and other forms of microbial contamination. By removing water from the food, growth of bacteria is inhibited. Further, removing moisture from food dramatically reduces the weight of the food allowing the container to carry the maximum amount of nutrition with the least amount of water weight and shipping cost.


Engineered for High-Stress Environments

All of our bulk food items are stored in state-of-the-art Mylar pouches with internal oxygen absorbers. The pouches are then placed in 6-gallon durable polyethylene buckets for easy storage.


Virtually all components in the FRV were chosen for optimal flexibility during a high-stress disaster relief environment. The metal container can be used for shelter and storage during the event, the pallets can be used for fuel, and the plastic 6-gallon buckets can be re-used for gathering water to be purified, wash clothes, wash cooking equipment, store wood or fuel, fill with sand, for flotation devices; to bury objects, mix concrete, use for bathing, holding trash, for portable toilets, etc. More suggestions can be found in the Food Relief Vault Deployment Manual.


Respecting Culture and Religious Values

Our Food Relief Vaults come in several different variations designed for region-specific diets and religious customs. For example, all Vaults are Kosher- and Halal-certified, and contain no meat products, ensuring quick adoption by the local recipients, as well as more effective relief efforts through better cultural integration.


We also formulate diets based on the optimum foods consumed in the region to prevent additional stresses to recipients. Our model is to source, manufacture, and store raw food stock locally in order to promote local economies.





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