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A Strategic Trading Partner (STP) is a Global Food Exchange™ approved organization with exclusive access to listing, buying and selling products through the GFE trading platform. These partnering groups include the following

  • Manufacturers
  • Relief Providers
  • Exchange Agents



For Manufacturers, the benefit of becoming a Strategic Trading Partner is immense. The Global Food Exchange™ provides access to an entirely new capital market of groups seeking to acquire products for either investment or consumption.


To learn more about the certification process to become a Global Food Exchange™ manufacturer and Strategic Trading Partner, contact us.


Relief Providers

For Relief Providers, this allows for the immediate acquisition and deployment of critical relief supplies from strategic locations around the globe.

Global Food Exchange™ brings together best-in-class manufacturers that strive to meet both regional and international standards, with assistance in last mile logistics, for a solution that allows Relief Providers to maximize their impact.  To learn more about becoming a Strategic Trading Partner, contact us.

Exchange Agent

The Global Food Exchange™ operates in a manner similar to a regulated commodity exchange except the Global Food Exchange™ is private. All orders for FRVs must go through an approved Global Food Exchange™ Agent. This is to ensure proper escrow and funds transfer for both buyers and sellers.


Executive Agents (EAs)



An Executive Agent (EA) is dedicated to (1) high volume institutional sales and (2) distribution through its own efforts and through its network of Introducing Agents. Executive Agent applications are reviewed by the Global Food Exchange™ Board of Managers.



Executive Agents are active in the promotion of the Global Food Exchange™ and in the coordination of relationships with food producers, packagers, and institutional investment groups. Traditionally multi-national broker or investment managers. These EAs are “Registered Agents” of the GFE. Executive Agents create a global market through their own network of brokers and through the registration of Introducing Agents.


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Introducing Agent



An Introducing Agent (IA) is dedicated to direct sales of Global Food Exchange™ products. The IA has full electronic access to the GFE Trading Platform and may enter orders on behalf of its clients.



Introducing Agents are required to participate in the GFE Escrow and Clearing systems. An Introducing Agent may be an individual or an entity. Introducing Agents are active in the promotion of the Global Food Exchange™ and Food Security Vault sales. These are typically regional brokers and fund managers who promote the direct sale of products for regional issues (disaster, famine, etc.) IAs are also “Registered Agents” of the GFE. Introducing Agent transactions are made under the direction of an Executive Agent.


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Independent Trading Agents (ITA)



An Independent Trading Agent is an active Buyer and/or Seller of Global Food Exchange™ products offered through the electronic Global Food Exchange™ Trading Platform.



These “non-registered” individuals or companies are essential to the sales of GFE products, as they generally have established relationships with the governments and aid agencies of the world and/or Strategic Trading Partners of GFE. Trading Agents are required to have executed a Third-Party Selling Agreement with Global Food Exchange™. An Independent Trading Agent pays a one-time registration fee and a minimal maintenance fee each year to keep their agency active.


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