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If we are going to save more lives in need, we are going to have to do things differently.  Saving more lives requires greater efficiency.  Research groups from every corner of the world continue to encourage rethinking relationships and networks between governments, manufacturers, and relief agencies. In a world where the technology and resources are available, the solution is a properly organized system. Global Food Exchange™ is that system, bringing together public-private partnerships to build a dynamic and sustainable relief resource network.

Become a Strategic Trading Partner.

A Strategic Trading Partner (STP) is a Global Food Exchange™ approved relief organization with exclusive access to the GFE trading platform, allowing for the immediate acquisition and deployment of critical relief supplies from strategic locations around the globe. Global Food Exchange™ brings together best-in-class manufacturers that strive to meet both regional and international standards, with assistance in last mile logistics, for a solution that allows Strategic Trading Partners to maximize their impact.

Partnership Benefits

Faster Delivery & Deployment

GFE Food Relief Vaults (FRVs), Water Relief Vaults (WRVs), and Shelter Relief Vaults (SRVs), are designed to launch quickly in tough environments.


More Product In Time Of Need

GFE makes sure institutional quantities of critical supplies
are available.


Enhance Logistics

GFE provides access to leading last mile experts for delivery to challenging locations.


Advanced Planning

Immediate access to relief supplies pre-staged in region.


Preferred Access

Strategic Trading Partners have immediate access to relief supplies.

Endorsed Locations

Strategic Trading Partners may participate in storage facility selection for improved networking with established operations.


Improved Fundraising

Be among the first to arrive with significant supplies, in most instances branded with your organization’s logo.


Call And Go Feature

Optional: For STPs that have an established Line of Credit (LOC) with Global Food Exchange™ (US Only) or GFE Group, Ltd. (Outside US), orders up to that limit are processed immediately.


Better Quality For Better Results

GFE integrates regional nutritional standards and customs, generally exceeding UN and IOM recommendations, for
dependable products.

Technical Features

Access To GFE Platform

Direct access to the Global Food Exchange™ electronic trading platform, for immediate resource procurement.


Access To Direct Call Line

24/7 exclusive access to a private dial-in number available for use in ordering critical supplies.


Real-Time Visualization

Ability to visualize a global map of all available Relief Vaults by strategic locations and price points.

Live Support & Online Training

GFE offers live and remote online training for scene assessment and Relief Vault deployment.



All information shared with the Global Food Exchange™ or its subsidiaries will be used only to the extent that it is needed to serve the Strategic Trading Partner.


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