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Getting Strategic About Food Reserves

Letter from Global Food Exchange™ Founder/Chairman, Richard Lackey

Enough food is grown today to feed the world’s entire population, however the issue that arrives lies in logistical challenges associated with widespread waste due to the short expiry of food. Through advancements in the latest food drying and storage technologies, agricultural commodities and complete meals can achieve a shelf life of up to twenty years, essentially eliminating logistical waste issues associated with short shelf-life. Supporting smallholder farmers in need is one of the quickest ways to lift over one billion people out of poverty and end hunger by sustainably nourishing a growing world population. By creating demand for higher quality food and access to global markets, smallholder farmers will eat better, sell more and be the key to solving our global food security challenge.

Interestingly, when compared to most other investable assets, i.e. stocks, bonds, currencies, and even precious metals, food is arguably the most valuable commodity in the world. Does anyone believe food prices won’t be higher in ten years than they are now? Further research would suggest that on a risk-adjusted basis, long-term food stores should not only be considered an independent asset class, but an integral asset for those pursuing more reliable portfolio returns and more truly non-correlated assets.

It seems, therefore, that prudent governments and organizations responsible for disaster preparedness and response, those who recognize the devastating effect of the gap in time between disaster and sufficient supplies of proper nutrition and water, can see the benefit of the GFE Continuity Planning Solutions.  The purchase of extended shelf-life meals that have a shelf life of 15+ years and are nutritionally balanced and designed with regional preferences in mind is a more timely, comforting, and cost effective solution than what we have done in the past.  Combined with mobile water solutions we can dramatically improve medical, nutritional, and social outcomes.

Global Food Exchange™ has proven a domestic model of emergency food preparedness, with over one million meals held in reserve in the United States. As the influence of the Global Food Exchange™ (GFE) continues to grow both domestically and abroad, the greatest social good and the greatest profit potential exists in emerging markets. While the need for solutions that are more efficient exist everywhere on the planet, the combined needs for creating greater food security and for serving those who suffer the most pushes GFE to focus on the Middle East, Africa and the Pacific. Presently, specific opportunities exist to use the business IP and GFE relationships for rapid penetration into key Middle East and African markets. To efficiently enter these markets, GFE intends to leverage its business model focused on dried and extended shelf life foods by collaborating with the leading non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with strong ties to local cooperatives and regional markets.

The Global Food Exchange™ is an innovative solution that is only as strong as its participants. We have been blessed with a growing number of participants and partners from around the world. We would be delighted to have you join us

Warm Regards,

Richard L. Lackey


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